Chaos in the Golden Crescent


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Iran Fights Addiction with The Colombo Initiative

The first thing I associate when describing the word Colombo, is a notorious Italian family. Instantly images of the 'Tephlon Don" John Gotti or Carmine "Junior" Persico heads of this organization at one time, and known for murders, racketering, and drug distribution. These shady associates now share the Colombo name with a positive purpose. Due to Iran's growing rate of addiction with over 600, 000 Iranians dependant on some opium-based drug. These statistics have been an extreme concern for Iranian youth who have more progressive ideals about western-society and the allure of drugs, so the Iranian government decided to take action and create a programs to prevent the growing number of addicts instead of dealing with the problem's aftermath. This program is a more comprehensive version of the American D.A.R.E program and as I you might assume it is called the Colombo Plan, and lets hope its more effective than the U.S Counterpart...

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